Third Episode Up!

The long awaited third episode is up! I know sophomore albums are hard, but tertiary episodes of podcasts are pretty challenging too!

Thanks to everyone for your patience! We’re excited to get this show on the road in a more dependable way! Posting maps and character sheets soon, but now I’m off to woooorrrrkkkk…!!

Fare thee well, adventurers!



First Episode Available! Plus Kickstarter

Listen to our first episode! In preparation for our podcast going live, you can listen to our first episode now! We’re also hosting a Kickstarter to try and raise the funds to help with the podcast hosting, website, and maybe even some new equipment! That will be live hopefully in the next few days. We really appreciate all of your support, and would love to hear your feedback on the first episode!


A Podcast Has No Name

It took us a really long time to figure out a name. We (Christine) was getting really frustrated. We had a really long list of things we’d come up with but nothing sounded quite right for what we wanted to do, and also we didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes with a trademark issue, which meant scrapping our first name ‘Dinner and Dragons’.

Finally, on an overcast Saturday, Christine decided we needed to figure it out, and she and the players argued it back and forth for hours over text. Finally, Julian suggested that the next thing someone wrote be it and we just leave it at that. That next thing someone wrote was ‘My Butt Itches’. ┬áIt was pretty funny. But it wasn’t the podcast name.

Then Julian, the voice of reason, somehow, in real life, if not in game play, suggested that Zephyr, our resident author, come up with a title- because he should be good at that, right?

Bang! First one out of the shoot: Quest at the Dinner Table.

It was… a name we could all agree on.

And that’s the tale of how a podcast got a name.