Quest at the Dinner Table is a live action fantasy role playing podcast featuring six players!


Christine is the Game Master. She says ‘you know’ alot and sighs frequently.

Scott plays a Half Elf Paladin named Tsuka.

Zephyr plays a Halfling Bard named Bartholomew.

Erica plays an Elven Cleric named Windy.

Julian plays an Undine Hunter named Chukungamungamilikabilikabillabongchupchupbupbupbup, etc.

and Stephen plays a Half Elf Druid named Sean.


NPC’s you will meet:

Patrice, a mysterious human Paladin belonging to the secretive group, the Red Ivy.

Rasar, a dwarf who is the head of the Red Ivy.

Senthas, a gnome with a temper.

Bar Bar A Noremac- a healer with a price.

The Govenor, what’s he really after…

and more!